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North Atlantic Drift is the water current that runs between the east coast of Canada and the west coast of Europe and Ireland.  The music of North Atlantic Drift reflects this, following a centuries-long tradition of the trading of music and musical styles between Ireland, Scotland, and the East coast of Canada.  Brian Taheny, from Sligo, Ireland, Dan MacDonald from Cape Breton Island, and Ross Griffiths from the Ontario piping tradition form this particular trading triangle and the product is a multi-instrumental, multi-styled Celtic sound that is truly Canadian in its diversity.  More info at their website -

And featuring Ena O'Brien

Ena, a native of Co. Galway and now in Canada for over 50 years, Started playing at age 8 with the great influence of her] brother.  In Canada I continued to play and was a professional musician for seven years, playing all over Canada, coast to coast, and the United States - includes playing for  Irish dancing competitions, at festivals, ceilis and teaching music.





The Cabbagetown Ceili Band take their name from the area that famine era Irish Immigrants settled in when they arrived in Toronto. The play dances across southern Ontario and the northern US. A cast of luminaries have come and gone from the ranks of the band over the years but currently Pat Simmonds is in the accordion chair. This year he is joined by Declan O' Doherty - piano, John Murphy - banjo, Jon Pilatzke - fiddle. The band has a distinctive west of Ireland swing and drive to their music which makes them ideal for dancing.

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